Embrace is a small and cosy guesthouse
designed to offer enjoyable and
relaxing accommodation in Pärnu

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About Embrace

Our guesthouse is located in a quiet residential area not far from the white sandy beach of Pärnu. Big 4* hotels, spas and entertainment centers remain nearby — however, at our place you can enjoy peace and privacy. Embrace is a traditional Guesthouse in it's original and old meaning. Our guests are as our friends who are always welcome - both in summer holidays as well through all year. Kindness, openness and trust are our highly valued standards.

The building of Embrace performs an Estonian old-style residential house, which we have tried to preserve with minimum changes, respecting so the ideas and work of our predecessors. By choosing best natural materials our aim has been to offer you an aesthetic enjoyment of Estonian culture and understandings. We also welcome families with the children! We have created a safe and friendly environment - our territory is surrounded with a fence so that parents could feel relaxed while staying with us.

We embrace you, dear friends, hoping that staying with us would charge you with positive energy and sunlight in any weather!

Pärnu beach
Rüütli st.
Red Tower


If you need anything in the late-hours, when the receptionist is not there any more, please call and we will assist you.

Good behavior

We wish to be the most friendly and welcoming guesthouse that one can find. That's why we apply no rules to our friends as long as commonly accepted principles are held. However, to ensure mutual understanding and convenient conditions to all our guests, we have developed some suggestions.

We have created different spots in our area where you can relax or socialize. Please care about those who are around and consider their needs! If someone wants to rest, do not be loud around him. And on the other hand - when someone is happy and expressing their emotions, do not judge them if possible. We hope to maintain the atmosphere of peace, understanding and embracing each other!

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